Our 'True North'

We believe property ownership represents American ideals such as freedom, entrepreneurship and self-reliance.

And we believe independent title agents – through their meticulous work of investigating and curing title, maintaining public land records and facilitating the seamless transfer of title from seller to buyer – are protectors of our American ideals. It’s the job of Alliant National to support this vital role.

Our country was founded upon the unique notion that anyone could come to our shores, work hard and build a life for him or herself. The foundation of that life in the New World was a stake of land on which to build a home and raise a family, a place to hang one’s hopes for the future and build a nest egg to pass on to the next generation.

Independent title agents are small business owners who help their local communities grow and prosper by delivering remarkable real estate transactional services. Their specialized insights and understanding of the local marketplace, industry practices and land records, make them genuine real estate experts whose valuable contribution to their communities is unmatched.

What’s more, independent title agents are the only truly objective third party at the real estate settlement table, ensuring all parties’ interests and objectives are safeguarded.

We believe independent title agents perform truly noble work, which is why we set out to establish ourselves as the “Independent Underwriter for the Independent Agent,” the underwriter who has their backs, who advocates for their place at the real estate settlement table and doesn’t compete with their interests through direct operations.

Everything we do at Alliant National is in service to independent title agents, in support of their efforts to serve their communities and protect the American Dream of homeownership.

Our Mission

Our mission is to protect the dreams of property owners with secure title insurance provided through the finest independent agents in a trusted partnership.

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It’s our job to support the vital role of independent title agents in the real estate transaction.
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