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We offer a safe space for all independent title agents, a place where they can talk freely about their businesses, and the challenges they face, and rest easy knowing Alliant National is in their corner – and not opening a direct operation competitor down the street.

We believe our success hinges on the success of our independent agents, which is why we’re committed to advocating for their place at the real estate settlement table.

That’s not lip service either. Over 50 percent of ownership in our holding company is comprised of independent title agents. We have zero operations competing with agents, which means we can devote 100 percent of our resources to our supporting role. Our dedicated team is stacked with title industry veterans who’ve been on all sides of the business and who genuinely care about the successes, as well as the goals and dreams, of our independent agents.

We’re here to listen as our agents identify fundamental concerns they have pertaining to their businesses, the kinds of worries that keep them up at night, and develop tools and other offerings to ease their worries and help their businesses run more smoothly.

Among our offerings are tools designed to give our independent agents a competitive edge in their marketplaces – attracting and retaining top talent, streamlining business operations and lowering overhead costs, maintaining good standing with lenders’ compliance requirements and more.

Offerings at a Glance

  • Company culture training (Arbinger Institute)
  • Continuing education
  • Expert legal counsel
  • Human resource consulting + networked services
  • Marketing consulting
  • Quality Assurance certifications
  • Regulatory alerts
  • Technology consulting

We aim to be the best steward of the relationship between independent title agent and underwriter because we believe independent agents play a vital role in protecting the American Dream of homeownership, and it’s our job to support that vital role.

Our Mission

Our mission is to protect the dreams of property owners with secure title insurance provided through the finest independent agents in a trusted partnership.

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Whether employees or customers, we put people first and always strive to be helpful to others.
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It’s our job to support the vital role of independent title agents in the real estate transaction.
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